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Zero body float tank is the gateway to the ultimate dry floating experience. This innovative float tank exalts the benefits of the traditional floating tanks in a more flexible way; it can be used everywhere at any time, since there is no need to get in touch with water. With Zero body the wellness experience is as easier as lying in bed. No need to get wet. No need to get undressed. Zero body will free you from stress and gravity.

Zero body Dry Float Beds were created as an alternative with easier access and the ability to remain dry while still providing the same benefits including:

  • Muscle and joint pain relief.

  • Spinal Tension Release.

  • Improved Blood Circulation.

  • Stress & Anxiety Killer.

  • Mood Enhancer.

  • Reduce Insomnia.

  • Improved Cognitive Function.

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Zero Body Dry Float: Service
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