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Flexion Distraction:

The table allows us to apply gentle pressure to various areas of your back while the table gently moves to stretch and bend your back. Everything is done in a very relaxed fashion so there are no rough movements that would cause pain to sensitive tissues. 

Flexion Distraction increases the space between vertebral discs, pressure is relieved from nerves and surrounding tissues. This increased space allows for a greater flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients while enabling toxic wastes to be removed from the area. Irritation of the spinal nerve is also decreased.

The benefits of flexion distraction are numerous, including:

1. Increase in height of the Posterior Disc Space

2. Reduction of Stenosis and Disc Protrusion

3. Opening of the Vertebral Canal

4. Reduction in Intradiscal Pressure

5. Increase Range of Motion

6. Increase the Flexibility of Ligaments and Tendons

7. Reduce Muscular Pain and Discomfort

Flexion Distraction Table: Service
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