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Cold Water Benefits – 3-6 min/day

Cold shock protein 

o    Reserve proteins that are in your liver – dumped into the bloodstream in an effort to save your life when you put yourself into cold water.

o    Scour the body of free radical oxidization – increase the rate of protein synthesis

(muscle repair) – They are free.

o    Peripheral Vasoconstriction – so forces all the oxygen into the core & up into the brain

o    Get activation of Brown Fat (Thermogenesis comes from Brown Fat) Definition of a calorie is heat – when heat is leaving your body = calories are leaving your body No amount of exercise – no type of cardiovascular or weight training that comes anywhere close to immersing yourself in cold water in terms of what will strip fat off your body fast.

If you want to strip fat off your body – get in cold water 3-6 min/day

Overall Health –

Immune system support

Increase blood flow

Reduce chronic pain

Boost your metabolism

Better sleep

Mental Health –

Boost in energy

Elevate mood

Practice discipline

Increased resilience

Recovery –

Lower inflammation

Reduce muscle soreness

Boost performance

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