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What is Infrared Heat?

Infrared is an invisible form of energy that is accepted by the body as heat.  It is that deep inner warmth feeling when standing in the sun.

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy.  Our Full Spectrum Sauna is designed for the deepest, most detoxifying sweat.

30 min – 2-3 times/week – reduce the likelihood of dying of a cardiovascular event by 27%

30 min – 4 or more times/week – reduce the probability of dying by 50% of a cardiovascular event

  • Your body releases dynorphin, which is the terrible feeling that you get when you’re in really hot temps.  It’s also the terrible effects that alcoholics feel when they are in with drawl.  That’s what you are trying to trigger.

  • When you do that – a number of things happen:

    • You set off heat shock proteins that go to repair broken proteins

    • Also, makes endorphins bind to its receptor more strongly

Our busy lives and hectic schedules take a major toll on our bodies.  We feel the impact in certain obvious ways:

  • Muscle/Joint Soreness

  • Weight-Gain

  • Exhaustion

  • Poor Sleep

  • Wrinkles/Aging Skin

  • Elevated Blood Pressure

  • Stress

While we can’t necessarily change the circumstances of our lives, we can certainly address the impact on our health and well-being.  Regular usage of an infrared sauna will provide a truly deep, productive sweat where toxins reside, at the cellular level.

Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

  • Burn Calories

  • Lose Weight

  • Relieve Muscle/Joint Pain

  • Detoxification – Remove Toxins

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Reduce Depression/Anxiety/SAD/PTSD

  • Stress Relief & Relaxation

  • Better Sleep

  • Rejuvenate Skin

  • Improve Immune System

If you’re looking to lose real weight, we can help.  Relax in the comfort of our infrared sauna while you burn calories and shrink your waistline.  One 40-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories!  As the body works hard to cool itself and regulate core temperature, it expends a lot of energy, which is why so many calories are burned.  In addition to boosting metabolism, body fat becomes water soluble at 110* F resulting in the release of fat molecules through the body’s pores.  Infrared Saunas are a natural and healthy way to burn calories without exercising.

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